Payroll System

   Online View

Employee's can view their payslip online, print it on normal paper or sealed payslip paper as well. Pay slip shows employee’s basic salary, overtime, CPF contributions, additions, deductions

   Privacy & Security

You control who sees what to ensure privacy and security. Differentiate staff with access to sensitive pay information from those who may only need non-pay related details.


Create as many payroll items as you need. Just choose whether it’s an allowance, deduction, or reimbursement and it’ll be displayed on the MOM itemised payslip.


The system will tell you when your submissions are due and remind you to prevent late submissions. You'll always be 100% compliant.Submissions are done electronically wherever possible

   Auto Calculation

Takes the hassle out of payroll administration.Statutory deductions and contributions are calculated automatically (CPF, CDAC, ECF, SINDA, MBMF, SDL). SimplePay will ask you the right questions to ensure that payroll deductions are done in the correct manner. Submission to CPF board

   Global Accessible

Online system, accessible from anywhere.